Working with Oakwood

Oakwood High School and Sitwell Junior School are very proud and pleased to announce that we are now working more closely together, as part of a Learning Community Trust. This has been ratified by the Department for Education and is an example of good schools working together for the benefit of the children of this community: the children we teach today and the children we will teach tomorrow.

As a multi academy trust we have strong ethos …

‘With a strong emphasis on respect for all, we forge effective and supportive relationships with both pupils and adults in our learning community. Together we maximise every opportunity to achieve success for all, inspiring pupils to achieve excellent academic progress.’

Our vision is quite simple …

To ensure that all pupils learn to their full potential in a caring and supportive environment.

For children and their parents the distinct nature of the individual schools will remain. The highly valued and personal relationships with teachers and staff will remain.

We remain committed to the principles of Transforming Rotherham Learning and the Rotherham School Improvement Partnership Mission:

  • All children will make at least good progress
  • There will be no underperforming cohorts
  • All teachers will deliver at least good learning
  • All schools will move to the next level of successful performance.