Year 3 Visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

All of the Year 3 children had a fantastic day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Wednesday 21st September. Even though they were a little tired by the end, the children learnt a lot about the sculptures on display, the artists, and the materials used for creating sculptures. Throughout the day, all of the children showed outstanding behaviour – this was even commented on by other visitors to the park. Also, they developed many of the Sitwell 7 Values. When choosing their favourite sculpture, they were able to reflect on their choices and provide reasons. During the afternoon activity working as a team to build their sculptures, the children were resourceful and built relationships with others they had not worked with before. If their idea did not quite work, they were resilient and tried other ideas. The day was a memorable experience for all of the children and teachers too. The children really enjoyed the outdoor learning experience and the chance to work with an artist educator. Finally, a big thank you to the parents that came with us and helped out on the day.

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