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Y6 Picture This!

6EL have been busy creating lots of fantastic art work for the Picture This! project. With a focus on the book “Why Elephant Has A Trunk”, children have drawn some lovely pencil sketches of elephants. They have also recreated pages of the book using oil pastel. However, the thing we are most proud of is their collaborative piece of work based on a Tinga Tinga painting. Each child has created their own rectangle of a small part of the painting. They have then been pieced together like a jigsaw to create one BIG picture. It has then been embellished using glitter, sequins, feathers and pipe cleaners to bring the picture to life. How impressive!

Y4 Artist Visit

Year 4 had a fantastic Friday developing their sculpture skills. They built on work they had already done based on Tinga Tinga art, to create amazing 3D sculptures of different animals. In true Tinga Tinga style, the children experimented with different colours, patterns and styles of animals. They worked in groups to discuss ideas, agree and plan their sculpture, before working together to build and decorate their creation.

The children thrived given freedom to explore and experiment with textures, colours and materials, as well as shape and decoration. They worked in threes to produce around 30 fantastic animal sculptures overall, many of which will go on display at the Picture This! Event at Magna throughout June and July.

All the children thoroughly engaged with the art workshop led by a professional artist called Sally Sharper, who specialises in sculptures and 3D objects, as well as working heavily with fabric materials. She is most renowned for creating different and unique hats, for special occasions such as weddings or race days. The children were able to draw from her expertise as she guided them through colour, pattern and texture combinations, to create truly astounding sculptures.

A fantastic Friday was had by all in Year 4!

Nature Club

Nature Club have been very busy! Last term, they made bird feeders which were amazing. They have now taken them home and the birds are very much enjoying their new treats.

Also, the past few weeks, they have been planting sunflower seeds. The children are now very excited to watch the sunflowers grow.

Keep up the excellent work Nature Club!

Y3 Tribal Tales Express Day – April 2018

Last Friday, we welcomed parents and family members into school to take part in our end of topic express event. The children were great historians and archaeological experts and taught their parents all about Stone Age cave paintings around the world. Working in tribes, everyone created their own cave art mural just as the Stone Age people would have done. These told stories of their lives, including daily life, hunting and hand prints. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, even though we all got very messy!

Y4 Visit to Jorvik – January 2018

Year 4 had a fantastic day on Tuesday 9th November at Jorvik and The Dig. Even though the coach journey was rather long, the children thoroughly enjoyed their day and learnt some exciting new facts to start off this term’s topic – Traders and Raiders.

At the Dig, the children enjoyed becoming archaeologists with a hands-on archaeological dig giving the children chance to become real-life ‘diggers’ and discover some exciting artefacts from 2000 years of York’s history. There were four in-door excavation pits and children used trowels to dig up artefacts from the Roman, Viking, medieval and Victorian times. After this, the children got hands on with artefacts including bones and antlers. We now have budding archaeologists on our hands!

We also took part in the Battle Tactics Workshop where we learnt how Vikings prepared for battles. We discovered some of the causes of raiding in the Viking times, saw some very exciting weapons and had a go at re-enacting Viking strategies. The children looked terrifying with their battle faces!

At Jorvik, it felt very historical as we were standing on the site of one of the most famous discoveries of archaeology – the Viking-Age city of Jorvik nearly 1,000 years ago. This was a very different museum trip as we got to see the museum from a ride! We sat 6 to a cart and discovered the Viking streets of York and got to experience what it would have been like 1,000 years ago. One of the main issues that the children found was the smell of the Viking-Age which certainly put them off living in this era! We then got to look and feel ancient artefacts and we even discovered a huge Viking poo. The children were very impressed at this discovery even if it was slightly disgusting!

Above all, the children behaved superbly throughout the entire day and worked hard to show the Sitwell 7 Values. Well done Year 4!

Y3 Computing with Steve and Jeanette from Rawmarsh CLC – November 2017

A huge thank you to Steve and Jeanette from Rawmarsh CLC who came to with our Year 3 children this week. The children worked in our ICT suite and used the GIMP programme to edit photographs that were taken on our recent trip to Rotherham. As you can see, they learnt how to add layers, change colours, add effects, and add text to their photos. This added an extra dimension to the beautiful buildings that can be found in Rotherham town centre. Throughout the day, the children were extremely well behaved and learnt lots of new skills; applying their Sitwell 7 Values throughout.

Year 3 Winter Book Work – November 2017

Well done to the Year 3 children who have been working super hard on this fantastic work based on a winter picture book. As you can see from the photos, they have produced a range of work, including collage, sewing, and writing. Have you read any of these books? If not, take a look them as they are all wonderful winter stories.

Takeover Day November 2017

Clifton Park Museum

Well, what an amazing experience! On Friday 17th November, the Y4 children took over Clifton Park Museum with their Roman work and it was certainly a day to remember.  On the day, we had over 100 visitors and the children were fantastic at being tour guides. Members of the public commented on how confident, enthusiastic and knowledgeable the children were. All children excelled and shone like the Sitwell superstars that they are! The Roman work looked excellent on display and the quality of the work was commented upon numerous times.

The year 4 team are incredibly proud of the children and the work they have produced. It was an excellent opportunity and one the children will remember for a long time! Thank you for your support and attendance on the day.

Here are some quotes from the questionnaires and the visitor book.

  • “Amazing, informative, interesting”
  • “The children were enthusiastic and showed pride in their work”
  • “The young people made the museum come to life”
  • “A credit to your school, to Rotherham and to yourself”
  • “Very polite children”
  • “Amazed at how much the children have learnt”
  • “Really lovely to see the children engage with the public”
  • “Heart-warming and inspiring!”
Y4 Roman Express Day – November 2017

Y4 had a fantastic Roman day on Friday 10th November. We were very impressed with the children’s Roman attire; they looked incredibly smart! Thank you for providing them with their outfits.

Throughout the morning, they engaged in three different Roman-based activities:

  • Miss Ogden held a Roman Olympics where the children competed in three different events: 100m sprint, tennis ball shot putt and standing long jump. Miss Ogden was very impressed with the children’s attitude and their competitive spirit. Further, they showed relationships by cheering for their friends.
  • In Miss French’s class, children engaged in a problem solving maths activity. They were challenged to solve the Roman numeral hidden message by Julius Caesar. This activity certainly tested their Roman numeral and relationship skills as they had to work effectively with their partner whilst drawing on their maths knowledge. The winners, who solved the message in the fastest time, were Faheem and Erin (4JF), Sara and Misa (4G0) and Hope and Shabnam (4GT).
  • Miss Tunstall held an art session. The children created their own Roman puppets. The puppets were very artistic and they even climbed to the string at the top. The children used resilience when making sure that the string and puppets were cut out accurately.

In the afternoon, we held a Roman banquet which consisted of pitta bread, olive oil spread, breadsticks, grapes and carrot sticks. The children seemed to enjoy the Roman diet with some even asking for more! After our banquet, we held an awards ceremony for the winners of the Olympics and the maths competition. 4GO then took to the floor with their very impressive ‘square’ formation. Their shields looked amazing and they performed like real Roman soldiers. We look forward to seeing 4JF and 4GT’s demonstration this week.

Well done to all children for their engagement and effort in the day!

Beast Creator Exhibition – 25th October 2017

Sitwell Sculpture Park – 24th October 2017

Massive congratulations to all of the Year 3 children for putting on an excellent display of this half term’s work in the Sitwell Sculpture Park on 24th October 2017. It was very popular with parents and families and a large number of visitors attended. Thank you to all the visitors that came. Also, thank you to the parents and families for supporting our children through this first half term in Sitwell Junior School. Both the children and parents should be very proud.

Visitor comments:

“Brilliant effort by all”

“They’re all as good as Barbara Hepworth. I think it is absolutely wonderful”

“It was fantastic to see all the hard work the children and teachers have put into a great park”

“Well done. Amazing job”

“Really nice to come into school and be part of the learning”

Y4 Clifton Park Museum – 13th and 20th September

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their Engage Trip to Clifton Park Museum for their Romans topic. On the day, they took part in two different workshops as well as having a guided tour around the museum.

The first workshop was all about artefacts. Our guide explained how the artefacts, which were found in Rotherham, help us to learn about how the Romans lived. The children used their responsibility value when working with the artefacts as they had to handle them with care and attention. The children enjoyed sketching the artefacts and found it interesting that only the wealthy Romans wore perfume.

The second workshop focused on Roman soldiers in battle. The children certainly loved the goriness of learning all about how the Romans killed their enemies. A certain piece of equipment that the children found interesting was the pilum – it was very long and had a sharp, pyramid end. Another highlight was the children getting to touch the chainmail shirt. It was extremely heavy and Miss French almost dropped it!

During the guided tour, the children had to find the answer to a range of different questions. This task required the children to use their relationship skills. We loved exploring the museum and finding out a range of facts which will certainly help us during the rest of our topic.

Year 3 Visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

All of the Year 3 children had a fantastic day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Wednesday 21st September. Even though they were a little tired by the end, the children learnt a lot about the sculptures on display, the artists, and the materials used for creating sculptures. Throughout the day, all of the children showed outstanding behaviour – this was even commented on by other visitors to the park. Also, they developed many of the Sitwell 7 Values. When choosing their favourite sculpture, they were able to reflect on their choices and provide reasons. During the afternoon activity working as a team to build their sculptures, the children were resourceful and built relationships with others they had not worked with before. If their idea did not quite work, they were resilient and tried other ideas. The day was a memorable experience for all of the children and teachers too. The children really enjoyed the outdoor learning experience and the chance to work with an artist educator. Finally, a big thank you to the parents that came with us and helped out on the day.

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