Connecting Classrooms

As part of the British Councils connecting classroom’s project, whereby schools from around the globe are afforded the opportunity to create a link and establish a working relationship, 5K have been working with a class at Al Raja School in Manama, Bahrain carrying out a range of activities since the start of the year.

The children in the two classes have written a series of letters to each other, describing a little of themselves and of their hopes and aspirations for the future, had the opportunity to talk to each other via Skype and carried a unit of work looking at the ‘Wonders of Bahrain’ as part of the Year 5’s topic last term- ‘Wonders of the World’.

This project also allows teachers from each school to visit each other to give them an insight into how the school’s are run and an opportunity to learn from each other.

Mr Khan from 5K and Mrs Slattery from 6W visited Al Raja School in Bahrain at the end of April 2014, where they observed the link class in Bahrain headed by Mrs Vinolia John and carried out lesson observations, and had the chance to speak and work with the children and staff at Al Raja School.

Sitwell looks forward to welcoming Mrs Vinolia John in June 2014 for her visit to our school and an opportunity for her to work and get to know the children in our school.