Summer 2

Day · Extra-Curricular Club

Monday · One Voice (Last session 02/07/18) – Miss Evans & Miss Tunstall

· Cricket (boys only) – Mr Cassell & Mrs Staveley

· Cricket (girls only) – Mr Berkshire

Tuesday · Knitting – Mrs Cowburn & Mrs Foster

 · Xcite Sports (the sport changes each half term)

 · Recorders – Miss Evans

Wednesday · Y5/Y6 Maths Masterclass (For children who show a talent in maths and are interested in the subject) – Mr Epton

 · Fitness Boot Camp – Mr McQuillin

Thursday · Book Club – Mrs Elliott

   · Yoga Club – Miss French

   · Rounders (girls only) – Miss Ogden

   · Puzzle Club – Miss Longstaff


Club Letter 2018

Club Reply Slip

Please Note

Some clubs may change days, times or teachers between terms. We will endeavour to update you of any changes as well as any cancellations in due course.