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Learning at Home Policy 2016

January 2016

Parents were invited to take part in a workshop for maths.  Below is a presentation which outlines;

  • Introduce the aims of the new curriculum
  • Explore expectations for the new curriculum
  • Share key messages from the new curriculum

Sitwell Juniors Powerpoint

Sitwell Juniors PDF

Safer Internet Centre

Welcome to the UK Safer Internet Centre, where you can find e-safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe on the internet.

Safer Internet Centre

Bubblemath Math Games

A website with a dedicated are where you can play games, have fun and learn more about maths.  Play the racing games to improve the speed of your mental addition skills or use your knowledge of place value to beat Captain Place Value and his gang of pirates.



Award winning Mathletics is the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy maths and improve their results.


A maths workshop was held for parents regarding the changes to the curriculum regarding spelling, punctuation and grammar.

SPaG changes – An introduction to the latest changes in the curriculum regarding Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (GPS)

GPS Guidance – A child friendly resource pack used throughout school

GPS Glossary – A glossary of the GPS terms

SJD Sports Coaching

SJD Sports Coaching is a private organisation that delivers multi-sports and games sessions to over 1,000 young people each week, leading sports activities across many primary schools within South Yorkshire.  Mr Dungworth is regularly in school delivering clubs, PE lessons and half term sessions at an extremely competitive price.
SJD Coaching

BBC Revisewise

Pages where you can find lots of interesting information to help you with your school work.
BBC Bitesize

BBC School Website

Pages where you can find lots of interesting information to help you with your school work.
BBC Schools

Woodlands Junior School

A school website with an excellent range of educational resources and activities to help you with your work.
Woodlands Junior


A place to play games and learn about microbes.