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100 Books to try and read before you leave Year 6

Learning at Home Policy 2016

10 Tips on Hearing Your Child Read

Times Tables & Number Bonds

Resources to support your child with learning these all-important facts.

Times tables

Number bonds

Safer Internet Centre

Welcome to the UK Safer Internet Centre, where you can find e-safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe on the internet.

Safer Internet Centre

Bubblemath Math Games

A website with a dedicated are where you can play games, have fun and learn more about maths.  Play the racing games to improve the speed of your mental addition skills or use your knowledge of place value to beat Captain Place Value and his gang of pirates.



MyMaths – A place where children can test out their math skills.


GPS Mat – To help you understand what the different GPS terms are.

Spelling Frame

Spellingframe includes all the words – both statutory and the example words – from the National Curriculum for Spelling for Year 2 to Year 6. Choose a spelling rule and each word is read aloud and provided within a sentence for context.  Children can choose to practise a set of words or take a test.


BBC Revisewise

Pages where you can find lots of interesting information to help you with your school work.
BBC Bitesize

BBC School Website

Pages where you can find lots of interesting information to help you with your school work.
BBC Schools

Woodlands Junior School

A school website with an excellent range of educational resources and activities to help you with your work.
Woodlands Junior


A place to play games and learn about microbes.


Book of the Term

As part of our continuous drive to develop the children’s love of reading, we will be launching, ‘A Book of the Term’. It is hoped that this will engage and enthuse the children as they will be able to read for pleasure and then discuss what they have read with friends. Additionally, children can complete activities (which can be found under the Home Learning section on the school website) that are linked to the book, further developing their comprehension and language skills as they are linked to the National Curriculum objectives for reading. One of the activities that children will be able to complete is a book review for each book, which will then be displayed around school, thus giving children a real sense of writing for purpose. Once they have completed any activities, they can then fetch them to Mrs Elliott.

Our second book is called ‘Bad Dad’.  It is the latest heart-warming and brilliant story by David Walliams.

“Dads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

There are fat ones and thin ones, tall ones and short ones.
There are young ones and old ones, clever ones and stupid ones.
There are silly ones and serious ones, loud ones and quiet ones.
Of course, there are good dads, and bad dads . . .

A high-speed cops and robbers adventure with heart and soul about a father and son taking on the villainous Mr Big – and winning!

This riches-to-rags story will have you on the edge of your seat and howling with laughter!”

Should you wish to purchase the book, it can be bought from a number of recognised book shops, including online shopping websites.

Amazon – Bad Dad

Happy reading!


Bad Dad Activities

Book Board

Role on the Wall Outline