SATs information

Next week, year 6 will take their SATs tests.

On Monday, they will take their Reading Test, which lasts 60 minutes. On Tuesday, they will take Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test (which is in 2 parts – part is 45 minutes and part 2 is about 20 minutes). On Wednesday, they will take their Arithmetic Test (30 minutes) and Reasoning Paper 2 (40 minutes) in maths. The arithmetic paper will be in the morning, whilst the reasoning will be in the afternoon. Finally, on Thursday, they will take the last maths paper (Reasoning Test 3 – 40 minutes). The children have all been working really hard these past few weeks since we have returned from the Easter break and wish them all the best of luck!

Just to remind you, there will be a morning fitness session to wake children up and get their brains in to gear, ready for their tests, from 8am to 8.30am, with Mr Cassell, on the small field. Children can join at any point during the session. Children who have chosen to order bananas will also receive these every day as brain food!

Don’t forget… on Friday afternoon, children will take part in a shelter building activity. They will require a change of clothes and shoes (that won’t matte is they get dirty or ripped) and a pair of gloves. Children won’t be able to take part without a pair of gloves.