Value of the Month

Sitwell Seven
Value of the Month

The children and staff of 5ND have chosen the value Relationships for January for the school. They would like to:

  • Listen carefully to other people’s ideas and opinions;
  • Always be a good friend, by helping those who need it;
  • Be aware of how well they work with others in group situations.

At home, you can discuss the importance of teamwork and encourage them not to exclude others. Playing board games is an excellent way to inspire teamwork. Whether your child is teamed up with friends, siblings, parents or grandparents, it can be a fun time for young and old to play together. Make sure no one gets too competitive though! Other activities to promote teamwork at home include washing the dishes together, helping out in the garden, preparing food as a family and helping out with the housework.

Any photographs, outside of school, which show your child developing one of the Sitwell Seven Values would be greatly appreciated and may feature in the next weekly newsletter.