Sitwell Promise

Sitwell Promise 2017 – 2018

At Sitwell Junior School we are committed to high standards throughout the curriculum and where everyone is inspired to reach their potential. However, we believe in more than this; we believe in learning in the holistic sense, where we learn to be a human being, how to accept others; to be kind, strong and resilient; to listen and understand the world around us.  We believe that every member of the school community is entitled to learn in an environment where they feel happy, safe and fulfilled in all aspects of their life in school.

Our school is a friendly and supportive community in which the children are encouraged to use their initiative, to develop self-confidence, to be aware of their strengths and to use them positively. They are encouraged to value their skills and attitudes and those of other people.

We want our Year 6 pupils to leave our school with confidence in their own ability, with the skills to extend and apply their knowledge and the belief that learning is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

In order to achieve this we expect good standards of behaviour and have created a well-ordered environment for learning.

THE PROMISE                                                      

The Sitwell promise to children is a charter designed to set out our aims for the children of Sitwell, personally, socially and academically. It outlines their entitlements and everyone’s responsibilities in ensuring that our children make the most of their junior school life. We will also list experiences that children can expect to meet as they continue their Primary journey with us.

In order to achieve the above, there clearly needs to be a commitment from school and home to put in place the mechanisms that allow our children to achieve their very best in all aspects of life.

Our drivers are:

  • A sense of me
  • Community
  • Knowledge of the world / Skills
  • Possibilities
  • Creativity

Each child should leave Sitwell at the end of Year 6 having developed as an individual so that they are

  • Respectful and honest
  • Confident and secure
  • Decisive and independent; brave enough to use their initiative and able to take risks
  • Creative; curious and enquiring
  • Flexible and resilient; able to greet new challenges positively and competently
  • Hard working
  • Articulate; able to communicate about their life, their community, their learning and their feelings
  • Organised and motivated to learn
  • Proud of themselves, their school and their community

We will ensure that the children have:

  • An understanding of how to keep safe; generally and online
  • Received quality first teaching and intervention based on need
  • A wide, fun, relevant and diverse curriculum, enriched by a wealth of experiences
  • Been encouraged and challenged, regardless of ability to help them aim for outstanding progress
  • Been provided with a stimulating and motivating learning environment in which children can develop a sense of independence secure in the knowledge that it is safe to fail
  • The freedom to discover and develop their own creativity
  • Been offered a wealth of experiences and opportunities so that they can open their minds to new possibilities developed their personal interests, skills and talents
  • Been equipped with invaluable life skills in preparation for their future as life-long learners
  • A sense of identity; a secure knowledge of their local community and their place within it; as active and responsible members
  • A greater understanding of the wider world, why it is as it is, their place in it and the impact they can have as global citizens
  • An appreciation that diversity is an enriching aspect of life, one to be celebrated and shared
  • Empathy, respect for others and an appreciation of differences and similarities
  • Been consulted in the development and renewal of their school routines, the curriculum and enrichment opportunities.
  • The ability to communicate confidently and effectively in a whole range of social and learning settings
  • Caring and tolerant attitudes to others and a keen sense of justice
  • The ability to recognise what constitutes acceptable behavior and take responsibility for their own actions
  • An understanding of different learning styles and to use this to make decisions about their learning.

We will ensure that our seven Key Learning Skills known as ‘The Sitwell Seven’ are interwoven into the teaching and learning in order for children to make maximum progress as lifelong learners and thinkers. These are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resourcefulness
  • Resilience
  • Reflection
  • Risk Taking
  • Relationships

We believe in giving children a wide range of experiences in order to open their minds to new possibilities.  In this way, by the end of Year 6, we have set out a list of experiences and opportunities that we will ensure are offered to all children to enrich their lives before they leave us.  Please see the accompanying booklet, 66 Things to do at Sitwell, which the children can track their journey through these experiences.

In order to ensure that we can keep the above promises, it is vital that school staff, governors and parents work together in partnership.

All members of the school staff will:

  • Care, listen and understand
  • Safeguard all children by reporting any concerns about a child’s safety to the Head teacher or Chair of the Governing Body.
  • Encourage, guide, support and challenge
  • Teach all children to manage feelings and changes.
  • Be role models for the children and model positive social and/or professional relationships.
  • Ensure that the School Council will be senior leaders of the school and influence policy-making and strategic planning and evaluation.
  • Work with partner agencies to add specialist knowledge to the team in order to support children with needs of any kind.
  • Ensure the school community is inclusive and welcomes children of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • Ensure the school is inclusive, celebrates diversity and does not tolerate any form of abuse (verbal, physical or emotional) from any member of the community towards children or other adults.
  • Communicate with home to the best of our abilities. A text messaging service, emails, Twitter and the school website are to be checked by families as the prime sources of information.
  • Engage in local, regional, national and international partnerships with other schools and organisations that enhance the experiences of children.
  • Encourage healthy eating and give ‘treats’ in moderation. The School Meals Service will do the same for those children having school dinners
  • Take pride in their environment

The Governing Body promise to:

  • Be kept informed of all issues relating to this policy
  • Review this policy with the deputy head teacher at an appropriate time
  • Question as appropriate

In turn, we ask that our children promise to:

  • care
  • respect themselves and others
  • listen effectively
  • be polite
  • be well mannered
  • look after our school
  • work hard

We ask that Parents/ Carers promise to:

  • Care, listen and understand
  • Safeguard all children by reporting any concerns about a child’s safety (including e-safety) to the Head teacher or Chair of the Governing Body.
  • Encourage, guide, support and challenge
  • Teach children how to manage feelings and changes
  • Be role models for children and model positive social relationships
  • Support with learning and the reading process and report any issues to the child’s teacher
  • Communicate with school to the best of their abilities. A text messaging service, emails, Twitter and the school website are to be checked by families as the prime sources of information.
  • Attend parents meetings whenever possible and if necessary, contact school to make other arrangements
  • Support school policies (accessible via the website and in the entrance to the school) and don’t be afraid to come into school to question or raise issues if or when they arise.
  • Ensure that their child is in school on time every day, with all the equipment and clothing that they need in order to have a successful and active day.
  • Send packed lunches and snacks that are healthy and balanced.