Sitwell Promise

Sitwell Promise 2018 – 2019

At Sitwell Junior School we are committed to high standards throughout the curriculum and where everyone is inspired to reach their potential. However, we believe in more than this; we believe in learning in the holistic sense, where we learn to be a human being, how to accept others; to be kind, strong and resilient; to listen and understand the world around us.  We believe that every member of the school community is entitled to learn in an environment where they feel happy, safe and fulfilled in all aspects of their life in school.

Our school is a friendly and supportive community in which the children are encouraged to use their initiative, to develop self-confidence, to be aware of their strengths and to use them positively. They are encouraged to value their skills and attitudes and those of other people.

We want our Year 6 pupils to leave our school with confidence in their own ability, with the skills to extend and apply their knowledge and the belief that learning is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

In order to achieve this we expect good standards of behaviour and have created a well-ordered environment for learning.

The Sitwell Promise (Home/School Partnership Agreement) is about your rights as a Sitwell Junior School pupil, the rights of other pupils of the School and about your parents’ support for your education at Sitwell. Our aim is that Sitwell Junior School should be a happy and purposeful community with learning and teaching as our focus; we aim to shape futures, inspire lives and create possibilities.
Sitwell Junior School promises:
  • High quality learning and teaching that enables you to reach your potential as a successful lifelong learner able to make informed choices about your future.
  • Access to a rich and balanced curriculum.
  • Regular assessment and feedback on your performance.
  • A positive and consistent ethos nurturing respect, resilience, reflection, risk taking, relationships, resourcefulness and responsibility.
  • Clear information about what you need to do in order to improve.
  • Positive encouragement including praise and reward.
  • To be role models for the children, modelling positive social and/or professional relationships.
  • Secure and safe surroundings where you are happy to work with one another and with staff.
  • Sensitive support in dealing with anything that has got in the way of your entitlements as a Sitwell Junior School pupil.
  • To safeguard all children by reporting concerns about a child’s safety to the Head Teacher or Deputy Safeguarding Lead.
Pupil Expectations:
  • Make the most of every learning opportunity. Remember, every lesson is important.
  • Model the Sitwell Seven Values and behave inside and outside the classroom so that everyone can learn and achieve.
  • Show respect for others and an appreciation of differences and similarities.
  • Show care, consideration and good manners to all other members of the school community and the wider community.
  • Respect the school environment, equipment and the property of others.
  • Be willing to tell school staff about anything that has got in the way of anyone’s entitlements.
  • Attend every school day and be punctual; arriving at school by 8.40am.
  • Wear full school uniform.
  • Represent and contribute to the whole school ethos by demonstrating respect, resilience, reflection, resourcefulness, risk taking, relationships and responsibility.
  • Comply with all school rules and regulations; these will be explained to you by your Class Teacher. Travelling to and from the school, the same high standards are expected.
Expectations of Parents/Carers:
  • Support the aims of Sitwell Junior School and your child’s learning by ensuring that your child attends regularly and on time.
  • Ensure that your child is in full uniform and arrives at school with the necessary equipment for learning.
  • Support the school in recognising that the appropriate conduct of pupils inside and outside school is necessary to create a positive learning environment for everyone.
  • Support your child’s learning by encouraging them to complete home learning so that they fulfil their potential (See Learning at Home Policy on School Website).
  • Support your child’s learning and life skills by encouraging them to develop attitudes and values appropriate to life in a multi-racial and culturally diverse society.
  • Attend Open Afternoons/Evenings to discuss and support your child’s progress.
  • Support and contribute to the whole school ethos by demonstrating respect, resilience, relationships, reflection, resourcefulness and responsibility.
  • Comply with all school rules and regulations; these will be explained to your child, however if you require any clarification please contact your child’s Class Teacher.
  • Model positive social relationships with staff, parents and children. 
  • Provide up to date contact details including mobile phone number and e-mail address to ensure that information about your child reaches you promptly.
  • Support the school’s approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or add any images, videos, sounds or texts that could upset or offend any member of the school community.
  • Support the school’s stance on the use of IT and IT equipment.
  • If permission is given, images taken of children at school events will be for personal use only and not uploaded or shared via the internet.