Whole School

Modeshift STARS Bronze Award 2018

We are very proud to announce that we have achieved our Modeshift STARS Bronze Award for our efforts in improving road safety and promoting sustainable travel. Over the course of the past 18 months, we have completed more than 15 initiatives to achieve our award.

So what have we done?

· We took part in the Active Travel Challenge in June

· We have cycle parking installed and are in the process of installing our scooter storage pods

· Our current Y5 children all received pedestrian training from Sheffield City Council

· Allison Cooper delivered a whole school road safety assembly

· Alice Nelson came in to deliver whole school assemblies on the Be Bright, Be Seen campaign

· Y6 children visit Crucial Crew

· Our current Y4 children worked with Alice Nelson to design our parking pledge initiative

· We have used public transport for some school trips

· We have sent out information regarding road safety and parking to the local community

· We tweet regularly about our road safety activities

· We held an information session regarding road safety and parking during Open Evening

· We took part in the Badge Design competition for the Active Travel Challenge and our fantastic Freya Mounsher produced the winning design for South Yorkshire with her amazing design depicting our lollipop lady.

· Alice Nelson held road safety lessons with our Y3 children

· We created a whole school travel tree based on how children travelled to school

Thank you for your support in helping us to promote Road Safety and Sustainable Travel. We now hope to move forward and achieve our Silver award.


Winter Book Work

Every year we ask each class to choose a winter-themed book that they can create pieces of art from to decorate the school during the winter months.  Here is a selection of work from across the year groups;



Book Festival

Last week saw us celebrate the wonderful world of books through the book fair and in class, where children shared a winter book, producing fantastic artwork and writing. The work produced reflected how engaged the children were with their chosen books; it created a real buzz around school.

Away from the classroom, the children all spent time at the book fair, reading through books and discussing their preferences with friends. It was good to hear so many recommendations for books to read! Further, it was also lovely to see so many family members attending the fair: your support of these events is greatly appreciated and valued.

Prior to the book fair arriving, we organised a reading competition where we wanted children to be ‘caught reading’ and there were many wonderful entries. Thank you to everyone who entered; we certainly enjoyed looking at the photos. There were five winners overall, with each winner receiving a £5 voucher to spend at the fair. The winners, as chosen by our guest judge, were:

Harry White, Zarah Amani, Freya Mounsher, Rayyan Chaudhry, and Oliver Baines.