Year 4

Clown Faces Family Learning Event – 17th September 2018

The Year 4 children had a wonderful morning creating clown faces with light up noses. Given only the resources needed to make a circuit, they were left to figure out how to make the bulb light up using only their imagination and creativity. Some children even went that extra mile and decided to include more than one bulb in their design. It was lovely to welcome family members along to the event too and see them being creative, working along side their children. In addition, the children were able to demonstrate the Sitwell Seven skills of RELATIONSHIPS, REFLECTION and RISK-TAKING when designing their clown face. The clown faces were then judged and the ones that came in first, second and third places can be seen below. The clown with the body attached came in first place as we thought that team went above and beyond the challenge success criteria. There was also a fourth place face as the teachers found it so hard to choose just 3 winning teams!

At Sitwell Junior School, we use the Chris Quigley Creative Themes Curriculum, which is adapted to suit the needs of all our children. This curriculum complements our creative approach to teaching and learning and allows the children to develop the Sitwell 7 Values through collaborating on a range of projects.

Below are the topics covered in Year 4;

Y4 Long Term Plan 2018-19

Art Bot

Y4 Medium Term Plan Autumn 2018


Language Medium Term Plan

Transport and Trade

Transport and Trade Medium Term Plan

Land of Hope and Glory


If you would like to know more about any of the topics being covered then please request this from the class teacher.

Home Learning

During this half term, we would like all the children in Year 4 to produce a Home Learning Project. We believe this gives our children the opportunity to share their learning with family at home, engages them in their learning and allows them to share their knowledge, skills and talents with their peers.

The children are encouraged to choose the project idea they would like to create and how they wish to present it to the rest of the class. This half term’s project needs to be completed and returned to school by Monday, 11th February and the children will be given the chance to share their learning with the rest of their class during that week. If your child needs any paper or other resources that school can provide, please encourage them to ask their class teacher.

Project Ideas

  • Find out about different languages spoken around the world and where they are spoken. Record your findings in an interesting way.
  • Research mythical creatures. Using what you find out, create your own mythical creature. Draw a picture or create a model of your creature.
  • Design your own outfit for Beowulf, using research on traditional clothing of the time. Can you make the outfit for yourself or a smaller version for a toy using materials?
  • What did the Anglo-Saxons eat? Research and make something they would have eaten.
  • Retell the story of Beowulf in your own words in the style of a comic. Remember to include pictures, captions and speech bubbles.
  • Create a family tree for the characters in Beowulf.
  • If Beowulf were to have created a time capsule, what might he have included? Present your findings creatively.
  • The story of Beowulf comes from the epic poem which is over 3000 lines long. Summarise the story in 5 sentences only! Present your 5 sentences in a creative way.

Please can you make sure your child brings their project into school by Monday 11th February so that it can be shared with the rest of their class during that week.

Thank you for your continued support

The Year 4 Team


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