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National Coal Mining Museum

On Thursday 13th September, the year 5 children visited the National Coal Mining Museum to learn about the history of coal mining and the science behind it. During the trip, we met with an experienced coal miner for a workshop. He taught us about his role in the mines and showed us the equipment needed in order to work and survive in the depths of these dark mines; including the Davy lamp, the snap tin and a hard helmet. Later in the day, we were given the unique opportunity to travel 140 metres underground to explore England’s last deep coal mine. The mines were extremely dark and the ceilings were very low.  Some of the children were shocked at the conditions in which these poor miners were made to work in. Before the end of the trip, we visited the stables to learn about the role of the horses and ponies and finally took part in a quiz around the coal interface museum and mining lives gallery. Here we learned about the miner’s home and leisure life and witnessed how the machinery was used to hew the coal. The children had a very enjoyable day and are looking forward to learning more through our ‘Explorers’ topic. 

At Sitwell Junior School, we use the Chris Quigley Creative Themes Curriculum, which is adapted to suit the needs of all our children. This curriculum complements our creative approach to teaching and learning and allows the children to develop the Sitwell 7 Values through collaborating on a range of projects.

Below are the topics covered in Year 5.

Y5 Long Term Plan 2018-19


Explorers Topic Overview

What Will Your Legacy Be?

What Will Your Legacy Be Topic Overview

Up, Up and Away
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

If you would like to know more about any of the topics being covered then please request this from the class teacher.

Home Learning Projects – Summer

During this term, we would like all the children in Year 5 to produce two Home Learning Projects linked to our ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ topic.

The first project needs to be completed and returned to school by Monday 20th May and the second by Monday 8th July. The children will be given the chance to share their learning with the rest of their class during these weeks. If your child needs any paper or other resources that school can provide, please encourage them to ask their class teacher.

Project Ideas

  • Find out about health and medicine in Victorian times, including ghastly diseases like typhoid and smallpox. It is pretty grim!
  • Research significant Victorian battles, such as the famous Battle of Oltenita in 1853. Produce maps or plans to explain battle strategies.
  • Find out about significant women of the Victorian era, such as Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, and write a biography about them.
  • Read some abridged Charles Dickens, or watch film versions of his stories, and create your own ‘Junior Guide to the Greatest Novelist of the Victorian Period’.
  • Make some simple Victorian recipes, such as Apple Charlotte, Banbury cakes and custard patties. Create a recipe book using photos of your creations.
  • Find out about Victorian railways using Bradshaw’s Guide ( Read the town descriptions in the original guides and find out how much these places have changed using modern information sources.
  • Find out about life as a child worker in factories and coalmines or as chimney sweeps and scullery maids. Write a ‘Day in the Life of a …’ and add illustrations.
  • Research the Victorian Empire and create annotated maps showing the extent of British rule. How does this link to today’s Commonwealth? Perhaps choose a single area to focus on, such as Britain in India.

Please can you make sure your child brings their project into school on the dates above so that they can be shared with the rest of their class during that week.

Thank you for your continued support

The Year 5 Team


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