Year 6

Autumn – Week 3

In maths, Year 6 will be further developing our understanding of numbers and place value up to 100,000,000 by comparing and ordering them. Following this, we will move on to rounding numbers.

The children’s’ newspaper reports are coming along nicely and they are working hard to include all the key features of the genre and expand their use of language. This week, they will be publishing their newspaper reports using word to make them look professional, including columns and a catchy headline. They will then include pictures with captions. I can’t wait to see them on display along with the frog art work they have been working on!

In topic, Year 6 will be learning about and taking their own fingerprints. They will learn all the different types of fingerprints, along with the different abnormalities that can be found in them. Children will then become detectives, using magnifying glasses, to look for the different types of abnormalities in their own fingerprint.

Thank you to all those who were able to attend the SATs meeting on Tuesday afternoon. If you were unable to attend, you can view the PowerPoint presentation on the school website in the Year 6 home learning section. If you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Year 6 team.

Autumn – Week 2

The members of Year 6 who went to PGL had a wonderful weekend and we were really shocked by how they threw themselves into every activity wholeheartedly. We were so proud of all the children for trying out all of the activities and by how many children were able to develop their confidence on the high rope activities. All children were able to practice each and every one of the Sitwell seven over the course of the weekend. Here’s how:

Respect – Everybody listened very carefully to the instructors and followed their instructions carefully.

Relationships – Being in mixed groups, children were able to work with children they don’t normally and build new friendships. They also had to put trust in each for certain activities. During problem solving, children had to work as a team and communicate well. They discovered that communication is a two way thing as it involves speaking and listening.

Reflection – Children were encouraged to reflect on activities, thinking about what went well and how they could improve.

Risk-Taking – During most activities, children were able to take a risk just by deciding to take part. They also took a risk when deciding to take the  next step in the activity.

Resilience – Children were able to show resilience in many activities as they were able to persevere at the task however hard it may have be. They could then celebrate their success as they completed the activity successfully.

Resourcefulness – Raft building allowed the children to practice their resourcefulness. They had to think carefully about how to use the given resources to create a raft. Luckily, all rafts were successful, but some children couldn’t resist jumping in!

Responsibility – Over the course of the weekend, children were given many opportunities to demonstrate that they could be responsible. During rope activities, children had to follow instructions to use the ropes correctly. The also had to be independent and organise themselves, ensuring they wore the right clothes for each activity. Packing at the end of the trip was also a responsibility, although some children were better at this than others!

Autumn – Week 1

The year 6 team are very impressed with how the children have settled in to their new classes, developing new friends and their RELATIONSHIP skills. They have all shown great enthusiasm for their new topic. During our ‘Tuesday’ investigation, the children showed great imagination and creativity when piecing together the clues to work out the details of the crime. They were able to demonstrate RISK-TAKING when offering suggestions and REFLECT on these ideas when further clues meant their initial idea was implausible. In art, the children have displayed RESILIENCE when drawing pencil sketches of frogs, persevering when adding fine detail to the frogs’ spots, using ‘Mr Harvey’ pencil techniques. Keep up the good work!


Below are the topics covered in Year 6:

ID – Could you be a Crime Scene Investigator? – Medium Term Plan
 A Child’s War
Frozen Kingdom – Medium Term Plan
Tomorrow’s World
Hola Mexico!

If you would like to know more about any of the topics being covered then please request this from the class teacher.